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Emotional Intelligence in Organisations

The current moment is defined by an economic situation where many jobs have been lost and the looming threat of many more to come.  In many companies, small and big, people are constantly humbled by the reality of how dispensable they really are.   

Notwithstanding this, the reality is that the most important survival strategy for organisations involves the realisation that people are our greatest asset and that to effectively capitalise on that asset, it would require a leadership strategy to effectively harness that.  That means creating purposeful teams through the employment of emotional intelligence. 

While much has been written about EQ, in terms of organisations it is important for making good decisions, taking optimal action to solve problems, and cope with change in order to succeed.

This means that organisations need be able to use other intelligence (of its people, of the market and of its customers and suppliers) to inspire deeper connections for the ultimate achievements of organisational goals.  For organisations that are willing to take this journey, asking some of the following questions is a useful starting point:

  • What are the values of the organisation; are these explicit and acted on each day?  In other words, do the behaviours of the organisation reflect the values? 

  • Can everyone in your team relate what they do, to the dreams of the company and their own dreams?  Is the mission statement exciting to the heart and awaken the zest inside the organisation?

  • Can people communicate openly within the organisation, without fear or favour? 

  • When was the last time you had a major disagreement, and how was it resolved?
    In other words is it deal with honestly, given space, time and recognition?  Sometimes the belief and recognition that disagreements are great and needed for projects, teams and companies to thrive is useful.

  • Do your customers and suppliers love you?  What can you do to ensure they do?

Becoming an emotionally intelligent organisation is about more than just doing the introspection and acknowledging areas for change, but it is about making commitments that will hold you accountable for what you will say you will do such that the company’s way of being will be more than just a dream, but a reality.  There are many interventions currently on the market to ensure that organisations have integrated EQ into their work. 

For a free needs assessment for your organisation, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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