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Are you in ownership...

Are you in ownership of your own life?

In our lives, I am sure many of us have been told “you can’t do that”, “get your head out of the clouds”. We are moulded by these statements that we hear in our environment which later echo in our minds as our inner voice that chatters on and on about what we can and cannot do, what has happened in the past and so on…

When these external voices whose approval we are convinced we need to survive and our own inner voice form a strong chorus – the bad news is that we are not in ownership of our own lives. Our power has been given away – the power to choose to rise above these voices and take complete accountability and responsibility for everything and anything that happens to in our lives.

In other words, “if you are unhappy, uninspired, unmotivated – it means you have made a decision to be so”.

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. I am just saying it as it is. The good news is though, that YOU have the golden key – to achieve whatever it is that you dreamed is possible. All it needs is a decision and to take action to change it. And if that action doesn’t work, do something else; and if that doesn’t work, do something else;…

It will mean staring your fear down, tucking it under your arm and get out of your comfort zone – constantly…

Needless to say.. this is not an easy or comfortable journey – but I can promise that it will be an energising and inspiring one.

Make your daily mantra “I owe it to myself to go for everything that I possibly want in my life….”

Now wouldn’t you say that that is having ownership of your own life for? Remember – time is a non-renewable resource, so use it wisely.

Blessings, Shamillah

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