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One of the biggest untruths that I have had to overcome is the fact that there was going to be this knight in shining armour that would come and rescue me.  I realise that I spent my entire life waiting.  Waiting for someone, something, some big moment that would turn everything around.  Those moments when I did get tired, I would convince myself for just a small while I would do the things that needed to be done to keep things going.  However, I think progressively over the years I have realised that if it was to be it is up to me.  Don't get me wrong. I am not saying slip into superwoman (or man) mode and do everything yourself.  However - the things that matter - the things that really need YOU and only YOU to step up does require YOU to take responsibility. 

That means take responsibility for your happiness, your success and even for your lapses in judgement (or failures for that matter).  In the bigger scheme of things all that matters is that you keep moving.  In other words.  In those moments where I have found myself WAITING I was actually stagnating.  Yes - I was either in a rut, a comfort zone and there were lots of things, events, people and circumstances to blame if I chose to do so.  At the end of the day though - the most empowering thing I did for myself - was to say out loud - NOBODY is COMING!  The first time I said this - I burst out laughing so hard because I realised how simple it was.  That in fact I was the creator of my reality - no matter what.

Yes, it is true that that journey of being the creator and staying that path is not an easy one.  But the one thing that keeps me going is the fact that I have the resources I need to walk this journey.

So - who are you waiting for?


At the end of last year – I asked my coach to send me a message on the 1st of January to the effect ‘you have been upgraded’.  My request was based on the need to send a message to my neural pathways that we are taking our game to a whole new level in 2014.   I also have to admit the notion of someone saying you are ‘upgraded’ does make me feel gleeful – and special.  So, as promised – I got my message.  And to my surprise in addition to feeling great – like I had won something – I also felt a bit anxious thinking of all it is I would want to achieve in 2014.

Also, getting myself out of holiday mode was a lot harder than I had anticipated.  A part of me still wanted to lounge around doing nothing important – whilst the other part of me was chomping off the bits to hit the road running.  To give myself a boost and a bit more structure (and honestly to shed some of those extra unwanted holiday kilograms) - I also decided to do a 7-day juice only detox. 


Are you in ownership of your own life?

In our lives, I am sure many of us have been told “you can’t do that”, “get your head out of the clouds”. We are moulded by these statements that we hear in our environment which later echo in our minds as our inner voice that chatters on and on about what we can and cannot do, what has happened in the past and so on…